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Most Homeowners qualify for Big Tax Rebates and Financial Incentives and they don't even know it

You can lower your monthly expenses and increase your property value instantly

The state of has made solar energy a key part it's clean energy efforts. Due to this, it's never been easier or more financially beneficial to go solar than it is now. For many state residents the financials work out to be a "no brainier", allowing homeowners to lower their monthly expenses and increase their property value, instantly. Many are even making money by selling the excess power their panels produce back to the utility.

Posted: May 23, 2024

Utility bill BEFORE Solar
Utility bill AFTER Solar

Utility Bill Savings

The government funded program is designed to offset the cost of installing solar panels on resident homes. The solar program has become so popular in the state that funds put aside by the government to fund them (Tax Rebates and various other Financial Incentives) are running out very quickly.

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Can I really save thousands?

The answer is yes. If you're a resident and your home qualifies. You can quickly and easily eliminate (or drastically reduce) your electric bill, increase your property value, and quite possibly get paid for selling excess power back to the grid. However, you'll need to be qualified and enrolled before the funds allocated to the government program runs out.

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Can I get solar for free?

You'll be surprised to hear that "free solar" in is not entirely a marketing gimmick. The way it's advertised sometimes can be a bit misleading however, there are in fact programs that allow for solar panels to be installed on a home at $0 cost to the homeowner.

These programs are specific regarding where the home is located, which utility you connect to, which company installs the panels, and a few other variables. Whether or not you qualify for a "free solar" program can be determined quickly.

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How do I know if I qualify?

It's 100% free to find out if you qualify, and only takes a minute.

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